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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

O.P.I vs W7 Nail Polish Review

Hi guys this is my first post so i thought id do a review ! :) And its on the O.P.I The Thrill of Brazil nail colour and W7's Pillar Box Red colour . Right so first of all the thing you notice about the two are the packaging they are identical , the second is the colour however the O.P.I is slightly a more deeper red . Anyway i applied the W7 polish first and was impressed with the outcome , the consistency is good and it has fantastic coverage , it also did not leave any streaks  and had a great brush which i found very impressive as most cheap nail polish brands do not have  . I only applied one coat of the W7 polish as that is all i thought i needed ! Next i tried the O.P.I  nail colour and straight away found that the two polishes were so similar the brush is the same , did not leave streaks and had good coverage . The only differences between the two are the slight colour in O.P.I .  So overall id give these products 10/10 , and if your not willing to pay £10 + for the O.P.I then the W7 nail polish that retails for around £1.50  a great dupe :) . Please feel free to comment , subscribe and share any recommendations for reviews :)  Thanks for reading Mica x