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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Technic " Carnival " NOTD :)

Helloo my lovelies just a quick NOTD  post for you all .Its a glitter polish :) i got from body care about 2 months ago for 99p !! , the brand is called technic and the colour is called canival . And its a medley of bright glitter and i love love love it !Now with it being new years eve i thought id pop it on .I applied 3 layers of the polish but it went on perfect and dried pretty fast . Overall i love it and it was a absolute bargain  <3 xx

So what do you think ? Whats your new years eve nail polish ? 


Friday, 30 December 2011

Scented Candles Anyone ?....

I don't know if its just me but I've gone candle crazy lol ! . I was browsing in my local poundshop looking for tea lights when i stumbled across these beauties hehe there the betty crocker candles and the smell heavenly . They smell exactly of what it says :)

What scents i got : Raspberry tart , Creamy vanilla , Chocolate brownie and Strawberry shortcake <3

The best thing about these candles Is the price aha :) 

While out and about i also picked up some yankee candle wax tarts for my oil burner they smell sooooo nice and last ages !

All the tarts were £1.10 each 

Lavender Vanilla , really relaxing 

Pink Lady Slipper , this is soo fresh smelling , apologies for the hair that decided to fall on to my picture  :/

Cranberry Chutney , this is my fav ! its sweet and fresh and scrum my can't wait to burn this in my room !

So what do you think ? What are your favourite candles ? 


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Review + Swatches : Watts Up , Benefit

Hi dollss :) i recently got a benefit watts up facial highlighter and i thought id share it with you as i am really excited ! So this product claims that it is switch on wow and will leave you with a luminous sheen . I love the colour of the highlighter its a golden champagne colour and the packaging is super cute . It also comes with a applicator built in on the other end so its super handy for the handbag or people on the go :) . You apply this highlighter on top of your make up or you can use it alone for a bit of radiance , the texture of this is really creamy and it blends just perfect which i love . Overall id give the watts up a  10/10 and would recommend this to anyone , its perfect for new years party season coming up to give you a bit of luminosity and glow .

So what do you think ? Whats your favourite benefit product ? 


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Kim Kardashian Inspired Make Up Look

Hii dolls first of i hope you all had a very merry christmas ! I certainly did i stuffed my face with thorntons chocs , christmas dinner that was heaped on the plate and enjoyed a beaut trifle . I obviously did not take note of the saying " A moment on the the lips is a lifetime on the hips " lol . Moving on swiftly you might not know but i am a big fan of Kim Kardashian :) she's beaut so when i saw this look i had to re create it . Its a bold red / dark red lip and a winged eye with white running through it , its the make up from her christmas card i think she looks gorgeous and i love what she's wearing its  a change from her usual style . So here are the pictures sorry for the bad quality camera was playing up so had to take them on my mac :/ .

So what do you think ?

Who's your favourite Kardashian ? 


Friday, 23 December 2011

Friday Christmas Primark Haul and £6 Heels !!!

Hi my lovelies well i went to Leeds today and had a little spend , a tiny one ! I got some really cute tops from primark and they were an absolute bargain ! I also went to boots and got me some bourgjois healthy mix foundation and their new volume glamour max mascara . I thought id get the healthy mix foundation because I've heard a lot  of good reviews of it and its a reasonable price i don't really tend to wear drugstore foundations because i find it so hard to get a perfect match so I've always used nars , mac , benefit , Chanel but I'm going to try this one out and hopefully it might be the one :) . I also picked up a sleek au naturel pallet I'm a bit slow in bring this but i have it in my clutches now and I'm sure this will be a favourite of mine as i have the original pallet from sleek that i adore . I love how the colours are so pigmented , plus i love the price hehe . Just to bring my rant to an end il finish with the shoes :):) on Tuesday after work i walked past a shop that looked like it was closing down , anywhoo in the window were a bargain pair of shoes £6 !! I found two pairs that i liked i grabbed them and ran aha . And my last buy were my shoe boot wedges from new look for an amazing £17.99 ( with student discount ) i spyed these bad boys on someone at work and fell in love . Il leave you with the pictures :) enjoy xx

£6 Primark Cream and Black 

£6 Primark  Tan and Black 

£5 Primark Blue and Cream Peter Pan Style 

£10 Priamrk Rust Coloured Shirt 

£12 Primark  Black and Cream Bow Detail Shirt 

£6 Bargain Shoes From Studio 

Double happiness hehe :) £6 again from studio 

£17.99 New Look I'm in love <3

Could this be the one ? I got shades 55 and 56 couldn't decide !

Love a new mascara , will be doing a review . Excuse my chipped nails lol

Sleek hype hehe Sure this is going to be a favourite <3

What are your bargains this week ?


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Back In Time , 1920 Modern Make Up Look

Hello my lovelies I've found some pictures that i thought id share with you , there a make up look i did for a assessment at college .We had to pick a period on which we wanted to base our make up look on and i picked 1920 , of course . I just loved the finger waves , tiny dark lips , short bobbed hair and pale skin . Anywhoo heres my take on the 1920s make up look with a modern twist ... enjoy !

Do you like my fake cigarette and holder aha limited props !

Hope you like them ! 
Whats your favourite make up look from the past ?

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Free Brush ? Yes pleaseeee ...

Hey dolls so a while back i got an email from royal and langnickel asking me to participate in a survey and in return i got a free brush .Needless to say i logged on and completed the survey and to my joy today i had a little parcel and inside was a synthetic smudger C422-S  from their silk pro range FULL SIZE ! I don't know why but i was expecting a cheapo brush but i have to say from the looks of it , it looks promising :) Ive heard a lot about this brush company and i am quiet excited to have my first brush from them :)

Anyway can't wait to use this baby maybe for when I'm doing a smokey look to blend everything out excited lol .

Do you own a royal and langnickle brush ? Whats your favourite ?


Monday, 19 December 2011

Exotic Bronze Make Up :)

Hi there dolls so like i was mega bored and i just thought to myself why not do some make up on myself! Anyway I've been on youtube and I really like a guru on there call promise , she's like amazing ! she does transformations and makes herself look like Angelina Jolie its ridiculously good viewing . So i found a video of hers that i really liked and i just tweaked it to make it my own :) xxx


My Facee
Green and Bronze eyes

Hope you all like it please leave comments and if you like it il do a tutorial :)