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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Review + Swatches : Watts Up , Benefit

Hi dollss :) i recently got a benefit watts up facial highlighter and i thought id share it with you as i am really excited ! So this product claims that it is switch on wow and will leave you with a luminous sheen . I love the colour of the highlighter its a golden champagne colour and the packaging is super cute . It also comes with a applicator built in on the other end so its super handy for the handbag or people on the go :) . You apply this highlighter on top of your make up or you can use it alone for a bit of radiance , the texture of this is really creamy and it blends just perfect which i love . Overall id give the watts up a  10/10 and would recommend this to anyone , its perfect for new years party season coming up to give you a bit of luminosity and glow .

So what do you think ? Whats your favourite benefit product ? 


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