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Monday, 16 January 2012

Sterling Gray Eyess ...

Ahh the perks of a job ayy ! I was given some Fresh Look Colour Blend contact lenses to try a while back from work as part of a event they were having . However me being me i left mine in the opticians and dint pick them up till today , what am i like ! Anyway i choose the colour sterling gray as one of the girls had that and she looked stunning ! I have to say i am very impressed with these contact lenses as they are just sooooo comfy to wear and i also received a bio true contact lens solution and a case that i thought was good after all these were free . Although my contacts are prescription ones for me ( I'm long sighted :( ) and  are 30 day , i don't think i would buy these mainly because i use reading glasses and the fact that I'm tight . I deffo would recommend them to anyone who wears contact lenses or prescription ones as they come in such pretty colours and are very comfortable to wear . Il leave you with a few pics xxx

So do you like them ? Have you ever had coloured contacts ? What colour did you have ? 



  1. They make your eyes look so pretty! I used to have coloured contacts when I went out for nights out but used to hurt my eyes so much! Great post:)

  2. Such a pretty color!
    Excellent with those coral lips!

    Jackie from GlitterandScissors...