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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What Im Loving And Super Cute Hair Bows !

Hello everyone hope you are well :) I'm actually quiet tired now its been a long day , but i wanted to show you my hair and the lip balm I've been using . I don't know about you but i like a lip balm that's not greasy. One that doesn't make you look like you've just layered your lips with lard ! Lol so i was really excited when i found this lip balm in boots . Its call Anatomicals and i got the stop cracking up lip balm the packaging is very simple but it has a funny sort of blurb on the back of the packet . The consistency of the balm is like a gloss but not sticky , and you only need the smallest amount of this stuff !Some of the ingredients in it are beeswax , vitamin e , coconut oil and sweet almond oil , perfect for dry sore chapped lips !Ive been using this for about a week and a half and i must say I'm in love my lips are really smooth .
P.s i have been using this morning and night for kissable lips :) xx

On to hair one of the girls in the hair class did my hair in this bow !! Im in love with it so so cute , what do you think ?


  1. Your hair looks super cute that. You're so pretty!
    Your Michael Kors watch sounds gorgeous... x

  2. No worries hun im looking frward to reading your award post though :)

  3. Super cute! Wish my hair was long enough to make a bow out of it!

    jenn from Hair Bows for Beginners

  4. I love the hair bow! maybe you should make a tutorial.

  5. I love your hair bow! rock it girl ;)