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Saturday, 14 January 2012

A very long awaited post !

Helloo dolls this is a post i was meant to do a long time ago however I've been super busy and to make matters worse my  macbook charger blew on Thursday so i apologise for that . Moving on a while back i received the kreative blogger award for the lovely KATIE ALICE she's funny and has recently done a hair tutorial for ombre hair thats really cool ! check her out . It is also for the gorge Yolandaas who awarded me this aswell , she makes her own lip balms and creams so check her out for some recipes xx

What you have to do :
1.Link back to the person who gave you the award 
2.Answer the questions below 
3.Award 10 other bloggers and let them know 
4.Share 7 random facts about your self 

1.Name your favourite song 
Erm don't really have one but for now its coldplay paradise , it makes me feel so happy !

2 .Favorite dessert 
Tiramisu , hmm :)

3.What ticks you off ?
LOL there could be more than one answer for this but id have to say ignorant and rude people ! Manners do not cost anything :)

4.When im upset i ..
Eat ,, i can't stop myself either i just feel sorry for myself aha 

5.Favorite pet ?
I don't have any pets , but if i did id have a pug .

6.Black or white ?
Black hands down .

7.Biggest fear
Oh ono i have so many lol but arm I'm petrified of dying , don't ask i think i have a phobia .

8.Everyday attitude 
Live everyday to the full and appreciate what you have :)!

9.What is perfection ?
Not having to go to work  making a full english breakfast and having the biggest sleep everr !

10.Guilty pleasure 
Tea and cheese both very bad for my as i eat way too much cheese and drink too much tea !

Random facts 
1. I can't eat chicken if its on the bone 
2.Im a barrister coffee trained expert 
3.Filling my nails makes me cringe 
4.I want to be a part of the Kardashian family
5.Im not a vegetarian but i love linda macarteny sausages 
6.I used to work in a bridal boutique and florist 
7. I now work for BENEFIT and i love love love it !!

10 Fantastic Bloggers

 Id just like to thank Katie and Yolandaas once again as this is my second award now and its really making me keep going on with my blog . 


  1. Awww you're so sweet. Thank you so much for this (:

  2. Congrats on e award hun,u deserve it! Lol abt u wanting u to be part of the Kardashian family haha too funny gal x

  3. Thanks very much for this award sweetie! I will blog about it soon :) xxx

  4. Well done Mica and thank you so much for sharing the love!!!!!!!!!!
    So exciting - I will post my reply as soon as I can :)

  5. This is so sweet, I posted this on my blog just yesterday. Thanks so much!